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In 2003, the latest generation of Nissan’s flagship sports car, the Fairlady Z was released. Named the Nissan 350z, it was sleeker, curvier, and faster than its ancestors.

The 350z wanted to prove the Fairlady Z platform could be a sports car for the 21st century. Since it’s inception in 2002m the 350z began proving itself on the track, racing in FIA GT races and in its native home sport of drifting.

After the 300zx left the American market in 1996, the Nissan 350z quickly found a home in the US during its launch in 2002. The car quickly became a favorite among sports car enthusiast, members of the import scene and it further grew in popularity after being featured in the 2005 film, The Fast and the Furious; Tokyo Drift.

Today the car still has a large following among auto crossers, car show enthusiast, drifters and road racers.

If you own a Nissan 350z and you are looking for ways to customize it, wheels are one of the best ways to do so. Wheels can reduce weight for racing and add style to your ride.

However, hundreds of different wheels of all shapes and sizes are available for the 350z. This can make finding the correct wheel a challenge.

We took the time to find several different wheels for all different needs and listed them here so you can make an educated and informed decision.

Best 350Z Wheels for Racing: Autocross, Drifting and Road Racing

With a hefty 3.5L V-6 engine, road hugging suspension, and stop on a dime brakes the 350z is a fine race car right out of the box. In the motorsports discipline of Autocross, drifting and road racing reducing curb weight and increasing traction are two of the best ways to increase a cars performance.

One of the ways to reduce weight is to use lighter wheels. The OEM wheels for the 2003-2005 model years weigh 24.14lbs and the OEM wheels for the 2006-2008 model years weigh 26lbs.

We have selected five different wheels that are all lighter than stock and can work for all model years of the Nissan 350z.

1. Enkei Racing RPF1

The Enkei Racing RPF1 is the best overall performance wheel for the Nissan 350z. Since it’s creation in the mid 2000s, the wheel has been a favorite among auto crossers, drifters and road racers who pilot a 350z.

Due to their affordability, lightweight (17.8 lbs. front and 18.6 lbs. rear) and strength the wheel remains popular among racers. The RPF1 is available as both a 17-inch wheel for the 2003-2005 model years, and an 18-inch wheel for the 2006-2009 model years.

2. O.Z. UltraLeggera

Weighing only 18.4 lbs. up front and 21 lbs. on the rear, the O.Z. UltraLeggera wheels are an excellent choice for racers. Available in three colors (Black, Bright Silver and Graphite Silver) and an 18-inch wheel size.

It’s lightweight, always plenty of room for large brakes and looks damn good.  It’s affordable price, lightweight and design make it an excellent wheel for racing.

3. O.Z. Hyper GT HLT

The Hyper GT HLT from O.Z. is the perfect wheel for track day. Both the front and rear wheels come in at only 20.05 lbs. making them balanced and lightweight all around.

The wheels are 10-spoke which allow plenty of room for large brakes. The wheels shape and star graphite finish will also earn you plenty of style points at the track.

4. Flow One Race Spec F1

Another favorite among auto crossers, drifters and road racers, the Flow One Race Spec is a lightweight high-performance wheel.

The wheel only weighs 21.9 lbs. and utilizes a minimalist 5-spoke design which also adds style to the car as owners can show off their performance brake calipers.

5. Enkei Tuning TFR (19 Inch Racing Wheel)

For those who want to race and want a larger wheel, the Enkei Tuning TFR is the weigh to go. A rare 19-inch performance wheel, the TFR weighs 20.75 lbs. both up front and in the rear.

A 35mm offset and petite 5-spokes allows for large brakes calipers to provide more stopping power. The storm gray finish of the wheel will look great with any color.

6. Enkei Racing PF01

The RPF1’s cousin, the Enkei Racing PF01 is close in design, size and weight. The PF01 is a slightly heavier coming in at 18.7 lbs. up front and 20 lbs. in the rear.

It’s slightly more expensive but offers a more stylish design compared to the simpler design of the RPF1. If you are looking for a racing wheel that is lightweight and turns heads, the PF01 is the route to take.

Best 20 Inch 350Z Wheels

Many gearheads like the look of a large wheel and a low-profile tire. A large wheel and low-profile tire can help a car standout at a car show or cars and coffee. A large wheel such as a 20-inch can also make a car seem more luxurious.

There are dozens of options when it comes to choosing a 20-inch wheel for your ride. To make the task less overwhelming, we have found the five greatest 20-inch wheels for the Nissan 350z.


For those who want a bigger wheel, the BBS CC-R is the perfect choice. This is a 20-inch wheel that is available in three different colors; Black Polish, Machine Graph and Platinum silver. The wheel is available for all years of the 350z (2003-2008).

8. Verde AX

Another sweet lookin’ 20 inch, 10-spoke wheel that will make any 350z pop. The Verde AX is available in both Matte Silver and bronze. The bronze will look great when parried with a blue 350z.

The wheel is one of the heavier wheels on the list, coming in at 28.6 lbs. front and 30.15 lbs. on the rear which may not make it great for racing, but will make a killer show car wheel.

9. KMC KM703

The KMC combines the 5-spoke looks of a racing wheel and the size of a show car wheel. The wheels are available in Black with Machined Gray or Machined Silver with a Black Accent.

They are available in 20, 19, and 18-inch diameters which means they are an excellent wheel for almost any 350z build.

10. Verde Insignia

Another fine large wheel from Verde. If you are trying to build your 350z into a killer cruiser and show car, the Insignia is the right wheel for you.

Available in either black painted or machined with silver accent the Insignia’s will look great with any color paint job. The 10-spoke design of the wheel is timeless and will add class to any ride.

11. Flow One Race Spec F1

Everyone’s favorite racing wheel is also available in a 20-inch version. Weighing 25.75 lbs. up front and 25.1 lbs. in the rear, the 20-inch version of the F1 is still lighter than the 2006-2008 model year OEM wheels.

Which means in theory you can have a 20-inch racing wheel. If not and you can perhaps have a set of 18-inch F1s for racing and a 20-inch set for daily driving.

Best 19 Inch 350Z Wheels

For those who want to add a little more wheel to your ride but don’t won’t the heftiness of a 20-inch wheel, a 19-inch wheel is a great option. Many of these are cheaper and lighter than the 20-inch wheels. A few are light enough to be used as racing wheels.

12. Enkei Tuning Raijin 19

The Raijin 19 is a 19-inch wheel that uses wild styling to add style and depth to your ride. The wheel is available in either black or hyper silver and is less than $300 a wheel, making it an affordable option to add styling to your ride.

13. Motegi Racing MR138

The Motegi Racing MR138 is the one of the most affordable wheels on are list, coming in at under $200. The wheel pops thanks to a 10-spoke starburst pattern and color options of black, silver and gold.

The wheels are on the heavier side, coming in at 27.1 lbs. on all four corners. Though not the best racing wheels due to their weight, the MR138 are excellent for cruising.

14. Advanti DST Svelto

With a unique 10-spoke design and a classy machined with satin black accents the Svelto wheels will make any 350z a head turner. The wheels weigh in at only 21.15 lbs. up front and 23.85 lbs. in the rear which means the Svelto can be used as a 19-inch race wheel.

15. Advanti FS Fastoso

The Advanti FS Fastoso is the hefty cousin of the Sevlto. With a more detailed spoke design, and a little more weight the Fastoso is an excellent show car wheel.

The wheel contains a large number of spokes which gives it a unique design that combined with its machined black color can add class to your ride.

16. Verde Quantum

The Quantum is by far one of the coolest looking wheels we have seen. Using a spiral design, the Quantum is a wheel you use if you want to make a statement. Its wild design and matte graphite accent will make your 350z the talk of cars and coffee.

Best 17 Inch 350Z Wheels

The 2003-2005 model years of the 350z came from the factory with 17-inch wheels. There are also 61 known available 17-inch aftermarket wheels for those model years.

While you can replace the OEM 17-inch wheel with a bigger 18-20-inch wheel, the 17-inch wheels on average are lighter and make them ideal for racing.

17. O.Z. Alleggerita HLT

Coming in at only 16.6lbs on all four corners, the O.Z. Alleggerita HLT is arguably one of the best racing wheels for the Nissan 350z. With an open 10-spoke design and a 35mm offset, the Alleggerita offers plenty of space for heft performance brakes.

The large 10-spoke design will make your car look its flying even when standing still.

18. Enkei Tuning TS9

Lightweight, sweet looking and under $250 a wheel, the TS9 is a fine deal for the weekend warrior or the regular racer. Weighing only 18.8 lbs. the lightweight of the wheel will help your Fairlady Z fly around the track.

19. Enkei Tuning Kojin

Simple and clean is the best way to describe this wheel. It uses a simple five spoke design and weighs only 19.5 lbs. making it a great choice for a weekend warrior. The price tag is just above $200.

20. Moda MD26

The Moda MD26 uses a minimalist 5-spoke design that while simple, still is easy on the eyes. The wheel weighs 20.5 lbs. on both the front and the rear. It’s a great wheel for the beginner racer or budget racer as it has a price tag of $130.

21. Sport Tuning ST6

The Sport Tuning ST6 is a wheel that is sure to turn heads and help your Nissan stand out of the crowd. Using a minimalistic futuristic design, the ST6 is a wheel that gives off charisma. With a price tag of $140, the ST6 is one of the best starter wheels for Nissan 350z owners.

Runners Up

These are wheels of varying sizes that we feel are the runners up of the previous categories.

22. Flow One Race Spec F3

The cousin wheel to the F1, the F3 is a go-fast wheel that will make your ride stand out. Weighing 23.2 lbs. up front and 25.3 lbs. in the rear, the F3 is a little heavier compared to other racing wheels.

However, it’s large 10-spoke design and Gloss black, Gloss Silver and Bronze paint job will help make your car look amazing.

23. Enkei Tuning TM7

The wild counter clock wise spiral design of the TM7 will grab attention anywhere it goes. Available in both Gloss Black and Storm Gray, the TM7 will make any easy on the eyes. With an 18-inch diameter and a weight of 22.05 lbs., the TM7 can make a fine racing wheel.

24. Enkei Tuning TX5

With a two pronged five spoke pattern and a black paint job the TX5 is a fine-looking piece of hardware. With a weight of 21.15 lbs. and 22.85 lbs. the TX5 will also make an excellent racing wheel. Available in 18-inch diameter.

25. Enkei Tuning TY5

Available in both an 18-inch and 19-inch diameter the TY5 is a great all-around wheel. Its design pattern will enhance the looks of your ride and it’s lightweight (22.85 lbs. front and 22.7 lbs. rear) make it useful for racing.

26. Verde Parallax

One of the heaviest and largest 19-inch wheels available for the 350z. It uses a hollow 5-spoke design to achieve and simple/classy timeless look that will make your Fairlady Z the talk of the fairgrounds. Weighing 27 and 29 pounds, the Parallax is a pure show car wheel.

Nissan 350Z Motorsports: Autocross, Drifting and Road Racing


Autocross is a form of time attack road racing that is usually performed in sanctioned parking lot events. It features a single car going around a course made of cones. The races are run solo and the driver races the clock rather than other cars.

There are also no obstacles other than cones and speeds are usually highway speeds. The challenge is in navigating the course in the fastest time possible, without hitting any cones. Autocross is one of the most affordable and most accessible motorsports.


Drifting is the art of power sliding a car around a curve. It’s loud, it’s violent, and it’s pretty damn exciting. The motorsport has existed in Japan for decades and was made famous in the US thanks to the Need for Speed: Underground series of games and The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift.

The object of drifting is to intentional send your car into a power slide and you are judge on the angle of the drift, the speed you take the drift and your overall showmanship when performing a drift.

Throughout the US, many local speedways offer drifting events and drifting nights. Many also offer classes and schools for beginners.

Road Racing

Road Racing is one of the oldest motorsports in the world. The motorsport began in the early 20th century in Europe, when car owners would race through the country side.

Today the motorsport features long races, through long winding tracks and is the main form of racing found in Formula 1, Le Mans and FIA GT racing. In the US the SCCA is the main sanctioning body for road racing and host amateur road racing at course all across the country.

If you are new to racing, before you purchase any wheel visit an event or track day and network with another Nissan 350z owners. Get an idea of what wheel, tire, and brake set up they use.

After talking to several drivers make your decision based off of that information. If you plan on doing Autocross, race your car in its OEM form first, to get a feel for how your car handles.

After you get an idea and are confident when it comes to racing your car around the course, then seek out upgrading wheels and tires.


If you are unsure if a wheel can fit your car, contact a like auto repair or local tire shop. Unless you own a tire machine and a tire balancer do not attempt to install wheels and tires at home.

Order the wheels and tires but have a professional shop perform the order. Tires must be balanced correctly and if you don’t own a tire balancer, don’t try this at home. Remember when racing, have fun, stay safe, and enjoy the ride.

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