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Mansory Panamera TurboModifications include new aerodynamic components made of high-strength polyurethane (PU-RIM) and Prepreg-Autoclav-Carbon, the characteristic material for Mansory.

Panamera is also lowered by 35 mm and equipped it with a sport exhaust system.

According to Mansory interior can be upgraded with the most precious woods, finest varnish or dynamic carbon. Other interior upgrades include new brushed aluminum pedals and a new sports steering wheel.

Other highlights are 21-inch alloys, new hood with air-vents, aggressive front spoiler with LEDs, new rear spoiler with huge dual exhaust in the middle.

Mansory hasn’t revealed any information about performance upgrades, but we are sure if there is need they will get more power out of the already powerful twin-turbo V8.

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