15 Best Car Wash Brushes: The Ultimate Guide to a Cleaner Exterior

Washing your car not only helps keep it looking fresh and clean, but also helps extend the life of your vehicle. It’s super important to keep your car washed, especially during the winter (so that leftover grit and grime doesn’t rust and erode your car’s parts).

While it’s fun to go through the automatic car wash or do it yourself in a stall at a DIY car wash, it’s definitely cheaper (and safer) to do it at home. You only need to buy a few things to be able to regularly wash your car at home – most importantly, you’ll need a great brush.

When looking for a car wash brush for your at-home car washing, the most important factor you’ll need to consider is quality – low quality brushes can actually damage your cars paint.

Whether you want a handheld brush, extended handle brush, automatic brush, and/or a brush for hard-to-reach spots, check out these great options below!

Handheld Sponges & Mitts

Sponges & mitts are great for a quick clean or getting into small spaces that brushes simply can’t fit. Here are a few of our favorite:

1. Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt


Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt – 2 Pack Extra Large Size -…



If you’re into the hands-on approach to washing your car at home, the Ultimate Car Wash Mitt from Relentless Drive is definitely a great option.

It comes in two sizes: extra-large and regular, and you can buy a one or two pack (the two-pack being an even better value). It is made of microfiber that is thick, absorbent, and soft on your car’s exterior – no need to be nervous about scratches, even on a brand new paint job.

Its microfiber material helps to deliver a clean finish, without any excess debris like lint or dust. Additionally, it is machine washable, so you can easily throw it in the washer after each use.


Relentless Drive’s Ultimate Car Wash Mitt is a great budget-friendly choice for those who like a literal hands-on approach to washing their car – that said, it does have some downfalls.

The microfiber is a wonderfully soft material, but it may not be able to get off caked on dirt and grime. You may want to buy a more durable brush or scrub to accompany the Ultimate Car Wash Mitt to make sure you can handle all of your tough spots.

2. Relentless Drive Microfiber Car Wash Sponge

Relentless Drive Ultimate Microfiber Car Wash Sponge – Premium…



Relentless Drive’s Ultimate Microfiber Car Wash Sponge is another great choice for a handheld car wash scrub.

It is a double-sided sponge: one side with soft microfiber and soft mesh on the other side to help scrub away tough spots, like bug stains, animal droppings, and beyond. Both sides are soft enough to deliver a scratch-free and dust-free shine.

The sponge is large and will hold more water and soap than the mitt will, so you won’t be running back to the soap bucket too often.


The only real con of this sponge is that it is not machine washable. You will have to rely on rinsing it out to keep it fresh after each use.

Car Wash Brush Heads

3. Carrand 10″ Bi-Level Soft Fiber Car Wash Brush


Carrand 93086 10″ Bi-Level Soft Fiber Car Wash Brush

  • 10 inch bi-level brush head
  • Use for flow-thru or dip brush
  • Yellow soft bristles


The Carrand 10″ Bi-Level Soft Fiber Car Wash Brush is an intuitively built car wash brush head that is created with multiple levels. This helps reach the nooks and crannies in your car, truck, or SUV.

It is made with a yellow, soft-bristled head that is safe on all surfaces. It is large and wide, which is great for larger vehicles and to cover a large amount of space quickly. You can use it as a Flow-Thru or dip brush.


If you choose this brush, you’ll also need to purchase your own handle or use one that you already have from a mop or broom. For those that don’t already have a handle laying around, this might be a bit on an inconvenience.

4. CARCAREZ Flow Thru Dip Car Wash Brush Head


CARCAREZ Flow Thru Dip Car Wash Brush with 68″ Long Aluminum…

  • 10 inches Quad all sided brush head with super soft bristles are…
  • Telescoping handle adjusts from 42″ up to 68″ for the best possible…
  • Built-in/off control switch could serve enough water to make sure the…


The CARCAREZ 10-inch Flow Thru Dip Car Wash Brush Head can be used both as a Flow-Thru and a dip brush. It fits a standard ACME ¾” male threaded broom handle or extension brush pole.

The brush is intuitively designed with bi-level bristles on all four sides to get all the nooks and crannies during your wash.

The bristles are said to be super soft and won’t scratch paint (much like a sponge). The CARCAREZ 10-inch Flow Thru Dip Car Wash Brush Head comes in a one-pack, two-pack, and as a brush with a handle.


Although there is an option to order just the head (without the handle), we had a bit of trouble getting it to fit most generic handles. If you’re going to buy this brush, we suggest going with the package that includes the handle.

5. Carrand Car Quad Brush Head


Carrand 93111 Car Quad 10″ Brush Head

  • 10 inches long
  • Quad all sided brush head
  • Use as Flow-Thru or dip brush


The Carrand 93111 Car Quad 10″ Brush Head is a four-sided brush head that can be used as a Flow-Thru or dip brush. It has very soft bristles that won’t damage or scratch paint.

This head fits most standard sized broom handles, and it fits great with standard sized buckets. It is durable, and the bristles and head are definitely high-quality. It also holds a good amount of water and soap, making car washing quick and easy.


As always, by ordering just a brush head you run the risk of not being able to find the correct sized handle.

Extended Handle Car Wash Brushes

6. Carrand Deluxe Car Wash Brush

Carrand 93063 Deluxe Car Wash 8″ Dip Brush with Bumper and 28″ to 48″…

  • 8 inch super soft brush head with rubber bumper
  • 48 inch telescoping pole
  • Rubber bumper


The Carrand 93053 Dip-n-Wash Vehicle Wash Brush has an 8-inch soft bristled brush head with a rubber bumper, and it is attached to a 48-inch telescoping pole (which can be adjusted from 27 inches to 48 inches).

It is made for dip cleaning only and doesn’t support flow-thu cleaning.The brush head is detachable, letting you easily rinse and keep it clean.

The brush head is soft enough to avoid scratching and tough enough to help you get rid of all the built up dirt and grime on your car. Additionally, the 8-inch head is a nice size that leaves the brush feeling lightweight and flexible.


Since the pole attachment is made of metal, you may face a bit or rust after some time. While this can be avoided with proper drying, it can be a pain for some.

7. Carrand 93062 Deluxe Car Wash (with 65″ Extension Pole)

Carrand 93062 Deluxe Car Wash 10″ Dip Brush with 36″ to 65″ Extension…

  • 10″ super soft brush head
  • 65″ telescoping pole
  • Features foam grips for extra control


The Carrand 93062 Deluxe Car Wash Brush has a 10-inch brush head with super soft bristles and a rubber bumper. It is made with a 65-inch telescoping pole and has foam grips on it for extra user control during washes. The telescoping pole is adjustable in size, based on your needs.

The bristles are pretty soft, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any scratching. They are just strong enough to help scrape off dirt and grime from your vehicles. It is made to be solely a dip brush.


Since the brush’s bristles are very soft, it takes a lot of work to keep them in-tact and working efficiently. If not properly dried, they may dry crooked and show wear and tear in a short period of time.

The aluminum handle also isn’t the highest quality piece on our list (seems a bit light & may bend under enough pressure), but is still a great option for those that need the extra extension.

8. AutoSpa 2-in-1 Long Chenille Microfiber Wash Mop with 48″ Extension Pole

AutoSpa 93303 9″ 2-in-1 Long Chenille Microfiber Wash Mop with 48″…

  • Telescoping handle extends 48″ for the best possible reach for your…
  • Locking extension system holds tight
  • Glove can be removed from the pole for a professional hand car wash


The AutoSpa 93303 9″ 2-in-1 Microfiber Wash Mop is made with chenille microfiber (which is super absorbent, reusable, and washable). It provides a soft touch and will never scratch you paint.

It also helps trap debris and leaves a silky smooth, dust-free clean.

The microfiber “glove” on the mop attachment can be removed from the pole and used as a wash glove on your hand for a close-up clean.

The AutoSpa 93303 comes attached to a 48-inch extension pole that has foam grips for extra user control, and the mop head is 8 inches in diameter. The AutoSpa 93303 is to be used solely as a dip brush.


Microfiber generally doesn’t have the scrubbing power of a bristled brush, so you will have to work harder to get off tough spots during your car wash.

9. Carrand 93053 Dip-n-Wash Vehicle Wash Brush

Carrand 93053 Deluxe Car Wash 8″ Wash and Jet Dip Brush with 48″…

  • 8″ super soft brush head
  • 48″ super strong all metal pole
  • Features plastic molded grip


The Carrand 93503 Dip-n-Wash Brush is one of our favorite picks on the list. It has a soft bumper guard around the head to keep from damaging your vehicle (which we love), and the pole is powder coated metal to keep from rusting.

It is 48 inches long, so you can easily reach into crevices, underneath your vehicle, and in between wheels.

The brush head detaches easily, and it fits well into a standard-sized bucket. It is lightweight, but not too lightweight that it doesn’t scrub clean tough spots.


The Carrand 93503 Dip-n-Wash Vehicle Wash Brush is great for infrequent use, but it may not hold up to constant use (like in a commercial operation). The brush’s bristles are very soft and may have trouble getting off stuck-on dirt and bugs.

Detailing Brushes

10. Mothers Wheel Brush


Mothers 155800 Long Handled Brush

  • Non-slip comfort grip
  • Protective rubberized bumper
  • Soft, gentle bristles reach tight spots


The Mothers Wheel Brush is a high-quality detailing brush that comes in both long and standard sizes. The brush is made with soft, gentle bristles that help you reach tight spots (like wheels, fenders, and bumpers).

The bristles are long and durable, yet soft enough to ensure that there won’t be any scratching.

The grip is non-slip and very comfortable, while the brush has a protective, rubberized bumper to ensure you don’t damage your vehicle upon use.

The long handle version helps you get deep into the details, while the standard size gives you more control for scrubbing. It is lightweight, easy to use, and an effective detailing brush.


Like a lot of the other burshes on our list, the bristles are pretty soft and require a lot of effort to get off tough dirt and grime. This is a common issue though, as tough bristles can sometime scratch paint.

Let’s face it though, a little extra scrubbing is better than repairing scratches…

11. TAKAVU Master Wheel Brush


TAKAVU Master Wheel Brush, Easy Reach Wheel and Rim Detailing Brush…

  • NO NEED THE HIGH PRESSURE WASHER – just only a bucket water with our…
  • CLEANS HARD TO REACH SPOTS – This flexible brush is great for cleaning…
  • SAVE TIME AND YOUR KNUCKLES – The 9.5″ brush head allows you to…


The TAKAVU Master Wheel Brush is the perfect detailing brush to clean hard to reach spots: under the hood, inside the wheels, and beyond.

The bristles are soft and flexible to get super tight spots, and the 9.5-inch long brush head ensures that every bit of your detailing is covered. The bristles are placed on every side of the brush, helping to get every area around the brush clean.

Unlike other detailing brushes, the Takavu isn’t too thick and can reach the tiniest of crevices. You can trust that it will get any detailing job done right, and it is fit for both professional detailing and at-home use. Whether you have a truck, motorcycle, ATV, or car, detailing with this brush is a breeze.


Not too much bad that we can say about this brush! Washing your wheels will always be a bit time consuming, but this brush helps cut out a lot of time and effort.

12. Chemical Guys Short Handle Wheel/Tire Brush

Chemical Guys Acc_G08 Wheel & Tire Brush, Short Handle

  • Flogged chemical resistant bristles
  • Feathered ends of bristles deliver safe and gentle cleaning
  • Great for tires, wheels, rims, inner fenders, undercarriages and more


The Chemical Guys ACC_G08 Short Handle Wheel/Tire Brush is a durable detailing brush that’s great for tires, wheels, rims, inner fenders, undercarriages, and beyond. The brush’s bristles are durable enough to remove caked-on grime and grease, and it comes with a heavy duty non-slip handle for a controlled grip.

The bristle ends are feathered for safe and gentle cleaning, and they are chemical resistant. The short handle also gives the user extra control.


This brush may not be flexible enough to reach extra tight spots, so those spots may require additional cleaning with a mitt or sponge.

Automatic Car Wash Brushes

13. Drillbrush Power Scrubber Car Wash Kit


Drillbrush 3 Piece Drill Brush Cleaning Tool Attachment Kit for…

  • White Soft Original Drillbrush Power Scrubber can reach into interior…
  • 4-inch diameter flat brush is perfect for carpets, floor mats, Tonneau…
  • Tight spot? 2-inch scrub brush has better mobility to access around…


Do you have a cordless drill? If so, the Drillbrush Power Scrubber Car Wash Kit is a unique automatic car wash brush kit with drill attachments that make for easy cleaning.

The kit includes four different sized and shaped car wash and detailing brushes. The brushes are soft enough for scratch-free cleaning and durable enough for thorough scrubbing.

They work great on all types of surfaces, such as aluminum, magnesium, chrome, clear coating, and painted rims and wheels on all vehicles.

The kit includes a 2-inch diameter circular brush for tiny nooks and crevices, a 4-inch and 5-inch flat brush for larger areas, and a 3.5-inch brush with bristles on all sides. These options should provide everything you need for easy, effective car washing.


You should always be careful when using a power drill near your car (especially since your surroundings will most likely be wet).

14. Uanlauo Automatic Car Wash Brush


Uanlauo Car Wash Brush,automotive cleaning Non-Electric Automatic 360…



The Uanlauo Automatic Car Wash Brush is a unique tool that makes car washing easy. It hooks up to your hose for easy access to a powerful water flow. It has an attachment to put your cleaning solution, so you can feed cleaning solution through your brush throughout your car wash.

The brush rotates, spins and delivers soap and has a chenille microfiber sponge interior. When you are done brushing and scrubbing, you can detach the brush to flush the area with the water gun (as it comes with five different mist settings).

It also includes extension pieces for hard to reach places.


While the Uanlauo Automatic Car Wash Brush is a versatile tool, it seems to be in its beginning stages of design and user experience. It is a bit more complex than the other brushes on our list, so your chances of running into problems may be a bit higher.

Related Questions

What can these brushes be used for, other than cleaning your car?

The same brush that you use for car washing, oftentimes, can be used for a lot of other household cleaning tasks. The extended pole brushes are great for washing your home’s exterior, like siding and windows, as well as other large vehicles, like boats.

Handheld brushes are great for deep cleaning your home’s interior, such as your shower, bath, floors, kitchen, and other areas where dirt and grime build up.

Note: When using your car wash brush on surfaces other than you car, you may run the risk of damaging the brush. A damages brush is more likely to scratch up your precious paint job. Just make sure your inspect your brush carefully before using it on your car (this is a good habit even if your not using you brush on other surfaces).

How can you know for sure that you will completely avoid scratching any surface?

The best way to avoid any scratching is to pick a brush with soft bristles – it’s also a great idea to read through reviews of other users to see what they’ve experienced.

Make sure that you never sit your brush on the ground, as it can pick up small rocks / dirt that can get trapped in the brush and scratch your car.

Additionally, you can specific soaps, waxes, and polishes to make brushing easier and less abrasive.

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