2014 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Spy Photos Wanted!

In a press conference yesterday, Jeep announced that “The Ultimate Wagon” which enjoyed the longest continuous automotive production run on the same platform in American car history will be back in early 2014! The Jeep Grand Wagoneer was one of the first four-wheel drive SUVs with a luxurious (at the time) interior and was produced from 1963 to 1991 with iconic, sturdy styling and unmistakable Jeep engineering.

“It’s time we gave the market an upper-scale Grand Wagoneer,” Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said yesterday. “You’ll see it in January, 2014.”

What we’d love to see as enthusiasts of the Grand Wagoneer are renderings or, eventually spy photos of the new 2013 model. If you see ’em, please let us know! The rendering posted above is a chop.

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21 thoughts on “2014 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Spy Photos Wanted!

  1. ty

    The problem is the wheel wells have the bolt ons and they are not round the like the old ones and the grill is just ugly and the lights are not any good and you need real metal handles and the metal roof rack. Truely just make it more updated and you should sell a lot body on frame is a must needs to be super tough and thought out carefully very carefully make it as much like the old one and you will be good be smart about how you make it and tough is best tough is what people want.

  2. Rob Nelson

    I am hoping that the back door opening is longer to allow your butt to clear with out having to adjust for the wheel well. ie: more room for 2nd seat area with out losing storage space in back.

  3. ty

    We want to see it back but needs to keep the tough build and the shifter in the tree and the old grill style.Same old style just newer truly look at the history and make it well or not at all. Body on frame nice but one tough off-roader. It way amazing? Needs to offer the wood and the old small trime strip like the 70’s. please make it sweet !!!

  4. dean

    why is there a euro license plate on this AMERICAN classic? i have an ’88. im afraid some things they may do with the 2013 jeep would blasphemous but im still very excited to see it!

  5. Jon

    Where I live, there’s a ton of testing done. I saw a Mercedes being tested the other day on the side of the road dead. I’m guessing it threw a rod because the trail and puddle of oil was massive.

    On a related note, I own a wagoneer and when the XK came out, I almost bought one because of how similar it is… I kinda dig it.

    Moral of the story, if you want photos of test vehicles, I’ll start snapping pics.

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