Hyundai Sonata Shooting Brake Concept rendered

We love Hyundai’s new “fluidic sculpture” design philosophy. This South Korean automaker has done an amazing job when it comes to the quality and the looks of its cars. Just think how Hyundai badged cars looked and drove 10 years ago. Nothing good to remember!

What you see here is not a new Hyundai, these renderings are 100% speculative by our good friend Theophilus Chin. We got the idea for a Hyundai Sonata Shooting Brake from Mr. Sam Abuelsamid at Autoblog who mentioned a Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break concept based on the new Sonata. Well Sam, here it is! Rumor is that Hyundai is working on the Sonata Coupe, so why not a Shooting Brake version as well? Probably a big NO, but always worth dreaming….

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  • Pat

    Looks great, but unfortunately we’ll never see it in production.

  • Al Nguyen

    Assuming the wagon has 4 doors: What happen to the rear door handles?
    Hope the speculative artist is right, as wagon/hatch back looks very good.

    Al Nguyen
    San Diego, CA – USA