Hyundai Equus Coupe rendered – watch out Mercedes CL-Class!

Hyundai Equus will go on sale end of this summer in U.S. with prices starting in the mid $50,000 range. This new luxury sedan is designed to compete mainly with Lexus LS 460 and Mercedes S550.

The Equus offers little more power and better fuel economy than Lexus LS 460 and Mercedes-Benz S550. Size wise these three cars are almost identical. The Equus also has plenty of safety features and luxury amenities to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

There’s no doubt that Equus is an impressive luxury sedan for that price(for comparison S550 costs around $92,000).

But what if Hyundai offered Coupe version of the Equus? The Equus Coupe would comfortably seat 4 exec’s and fit all their golf bags in the trunk. With RWD and close to 400 hp it would be a good alternative to the Mercedes CL-Class (S-Class Coupe from 2011).

Will we ever see a full size luxury coupe from Hyundai? Very likely no, but it is always fun to speculate such things. Renderings below are by our good friend Theophilus Chin.

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  • Roger

    I say bring it on Hyundai!!!

    Looks really good and with a 5 year warranty you don’t have to worry about anything..

  • Pat

    I like the rear of it. Front is too much MB.

  • Watashi

    I like the rear but they should have differentiated the front end more to separate it from the sedan.

  • Just so ya’ll no… Hyundai took to twitter to set the record straight that they feel the Equus idea is a bad idea… I’m kindof upset i think this is a really nice car.

  • Elliott Marshall Comora

    Hyundai, don’t change a thing. Bring it to market, devise a knockout color palette, give it some nice wheels and rock and roll with it. The styling of your model lineup and quality of the automobiles are fantastic.

  • betterluxury

    The Equus looks great, but I would like to know more about the 2012 with the more powerful engine and does the4 2012 model offer more exterior and interior color choices?