2012 KIA Optima Sporty Wagon Rendered!

KIA showed the new Optima (also known as Magentis outside of North America) at this year’s New York Auto Show. A few weeks ago Autoblog had a story that KIA is also considering a wagon and coupe variants of the new Optima/Magentis. Why not, as the new Optima/Magentis surely has the base for more body variants.

An affordable mid-size wagon by Kia sounds promising, but for the real thing you will have to wait a few more years as it is not yet on the drawing table.

To give you an idea how this family hauler could look like, our good friend Theophilus Chin has created two renderings of the Optima/Magentis SW (Sporty Wagon) which you can compare with the Optima sedan below in the gallery.

Curious what exterior paint colors the 2014 Kia Optima will be available in?
Titanium Metallic
Corsa Blue Pearl Metallic
Snow White Pearl
Ebony Black
Satin Metal Metallic
Metal Bronze Pearl Metallic
Remington Red Metallic
Dark Cherry Pearl Metallic
Bright Silver Metallic

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13 thoughts on “2012 KIA Optima Sporty Wagon Rendered!

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  2. gene smith

    Beautiful……would also make a very useful, beautiful and needed light duty pick-up….El Camino style.
    These are models that have been abandoned by the major Automakers. Fill that gap, be leaders instead of followers. The Wagon and Pickup would sell like hotcakes. The time is right. Gas prices are going to drive folks back to sensible cars and you would be there holding the cards.
    Build them……Gene Smith

  3. Gene Yuss

    If they brought this to the U.S., I’d buy it in a friggen heartbeat. For the life of me, I don’t understand why sport wagons aren’t more popular here. I’m so ready to get rid of my big SUV. What a fantastic looking car.

  4. Justin Snyder

    After all the massive attention this render of the 2012 KIA Optima Sport Wagon has gotten, it’ll be interesting to see if Kia decides to do anything in 2013 for a possible 2014 release. There would be massive buzz if they debuted it at a major auto show like New York, Detroit or Los Angeles car shows.

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