1969 Camaro, the best Chevrolet ever made

The 1969 Camaro is the best Chevrolet of all time, according to Chevy fans who voted online in the centennial celebration poll.

Chevrolet asked fans all over the world to vote online for their favorite vehicle from the marque’s 100-year history.

Nearly 125,000 people voted, and the Camaro defeated the 1970 Chevelle SS in the final round, with 25,058 votes over 18,449.

Runners-up included the 1957 Bel Air and the 1953 first generation Corvette.

“Like the very best designs, the Camaro is much more than just a machine because it evokes powerful emotions in people of all ages. That’s why we looked to the ’69 for inspiration when designing the fifth-generation Camaro and why the ’69 Camaro is an example of the timeless vehicles Chevrolet will strive to deliver for the next 100 years.”, said Chevy design director, Tom Peters.

Final poll results:

1. 1969 Camaro – 25,058 votes
2. 1970 Chevelle SS – 18,449
3. 1953 Corvette – 13,297
4. 1957 Bel Air – 13,151
5. 1963 Corvette – 10,597
6. 2009 Corvette ZR1 – 10,188
7. 1948 Pickup – 9,242
8. 1936 Suburban – 6,459
9. 2010 Camaro – 4,861
10. 2011 Volt – 3,140
11. 1962 Impala – 2,597
12. 1964 Malibu – 2,135
13. 1989 Pickup – 1,822
14. 1969 K Blazer – 1,541
15. 1932 Deluxe Sport Roadster – 1,072
16. 1912 Classic Six – 759

“By 1969 the Camaro was extremely popular. And though this was the final year of the Camaro’s original iconic design, it went out with flying colors. The ’69 Camaro paced the Indianapolis 500® for the second time. It was the first and only year the legendary aluminum ZL1 engine was offered, and the Z28® SS/RS performance package qualified the ’69 Camaro to compete in the Trans-Am racing series. It’s still considered one of the hottest-looking rides of the classic muscle car era. It had a 290-horsepower rating but tested at close to 400. This four-wheeled icon has graced the silver screen many times. In Almost Famous, a young William Miller watches his sister drive off with her boyfriend in a blue 1969 Camaro coupe. And a slightly earlier version stars as the famous black beauty in Better Off Dead.” – Chevrolet

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One thought on “1969 Camaro, the best Chevrolet ever made

  1. Justin

    I am really surprised at some of the poll results, like a 1970 Chevelle is more popular than a ’57 Bel Air? I understand that it was one of the most powerful, best-looking muscle cars ever but I thought the Bel Air would be overwhelmingly more popular. And an ’89 pickup in the list? Had to laugh at that one!

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